As the premier nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the arts across the United States, we have diligently worked to effect tangible and enduring transformations in the realm of arts promotion and advancement. With two decades of service, collaborating closely with arts organizations, administrators, educators, government officials, patrons, and arts enthusiasts, we firmly believe that the arts play a pivotal role in shaping vibrant and enduring communities.

At Hendersonville Arts, our unwavering commitment to excellence guides our recruitment process. We actively seek out the most exceptional and brilliant individuals to compose a formidable national team distinguished by their passion, opportunities, collaborative spirit, and professional growth.

We invite enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset to join our ranks. As our organization continues to evolve, we remain steadfast in upholding these core attributes. Hendersonville Arts has earned recognition as a premier workplace, and we take pride in our accomplishments, resolutely committed to forging a future that champions the arts throughout America.

Join Our Dynamic Team

Please take a moment to explore and apply for the available employment opportunities that align with your qualifications. We encourage all eligible candidates to pursue the positions of interest. Please carefully review the application instructions provided in each job description, as incomplete applications cannot be considered. If you encounter technical challenges with our online application system, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache and disabling pop-up blockers.

Employee Well-being Matters

In both our New York and Washington D.C. locations, we offer competitive and comprehensive benefits packages to support the well-being of our employees.

An Employer of Distinction

The lifestyle and cultural environment that define Hendersonville Arts contribute to our status as an Employer of Distinction.

Who We Are

Hendersonville Arts is dedicated to serving, advancing, and spearheading a network of individuals and organizations committed to nurturing, championing, and fostering the arts across the United States. Established in the year 2000, Hendersonville Arts stands as the foremost nonprofit entity driving the progression of the arts and arts education on a national scale.

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